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Holiday Workout!

On 25 juni 2013 By

Tijdens de vakantie is het misschien wat moeilijker om je aan je trainingsafspraak te houden en de regelmaat van je sessies na te leven. Maar geen nood! Ook tijdens mijn en/of jouw afwezigheid, kan je makkelijk in topvorm en -conditie blijven aan de hand van deze ‘holiday workout’. Ik koos oefeningen die iedereen aankan, en […]

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My workout today

On 24 mei 2013 By

Feel like getting a good kick-ass workout done today? Well, here’s one for you to try.

WARNING: this is not a slow, boring long and winding road workout. This is a quick, intense, fat-blasting and muscle-recruiting bodyweight workout that will leave you panting, jelly-legged and wobbly-armed 🙂


Ready? Here we go. This is exactly […]

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Tabata workout

On 3 maart 2013 By

Some of you have already done Tabata workouts with me. If you haven’t, ask me about it. Maybe I’m not sure you’ll be able to take it, or maybe you have an orthopedic problem that I think needs more attention before we go to timed workouts.

In any case, Tabata workouts are a great way […]

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simple conditioning workout

On 6 februari 2013 By

A lot of my clients want to improve their ‘physical condition’ as they call it. They actually mean they would like to improve their cardiovascular capacity and not be out of breath so quickly when I make them jump and stuff.

Well, today, one of my clients asked me the same question again: what can […]

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I’ve been off the ‘cardio’ routine on machines for almost 6 months now. You know, I was on the crosstrainer for about 20 to 40 minutes, doing this set interval workout, which supposedly made me burn 250plus calories. After this workout though, I still hadn’t done any strength training, which, for the past 15 years, […]

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