Feel like getting a good kick-ass workout done today? Well, here’s one for you to try.

WARNING: this is not a slow, boring long and winding road workout. This is a quick, intense, fat-blasting and muscle-recruiting bodyweight workout that will leave you panting, jelly-legged and wobbly-armed 🙂


Ready? Here we go. This is exactly what I did today. I trained in my studio, since the weather has been, let’s keep it decent, crap. You can do this workout outside as well, I like to work out outside when the weather permits.

Interval runs

A) 1min jog 9km/hr, and then alternate 30sec sprints 14km/hr and 40sec jog 9km/hr. Do 5 rounds of these, will keep you going for about 7 mins.

B) squat and kicks (I kicked against my boxing bag, but you can just to air kicks too, just make sure you start the kick from the hip, lifting the leg and then kicking it straight out from the knee) 5 sets, 50-40-30-20-10

I supersetted these with:

C) pull-ups 5 sets of 20 (if you don’t have a pull up bar, do push-ups or find an alternative!)

D) lunge-jumps 5 sets, 50-40-30-20-10

I supersetted these with:

E) skull crushers (basically shoulder presses on the floor, either in handstand, feet elevated on a bench or feet and hands on the floor. I did feet and hands on the floor, with my butt high in the air and a straight line from hips to hands, make sure you look at your belly button and that you bring the crown of your head to the floor, not your chin or face, these are not push ups) 5 sets 50-40-30-20-10

F) boxing abs: you can just lie down on the floor and do a full sit-up, boxing left/right 10x and right/left 10x as you come up, completing 20 reps. I do them lying on a bosu, feet up around the boxing bag, hitting the bag as I come up. 3 sets

That’s it! Fat-torching workout that’ll keep your legs sore for 2 days, if not more 🙂 gotta love it!




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