I’ll soon post a series about training and fitness myths, because every day, I hear so much crazy crap about fitness, health and training, that I want to share some exact facts. So you can separate it from the fiction and get out there and do what you need to do.

I’ve been off the ‘slow-long-cardio’ wagon for over a year now; before that, my workouts consisted of 30-40mins of non-stop, pretty heavy cardio. Either on the cross-trainer, on the treadmill, or the spinning bike. After or before that, I’d do about 30mins of weight training. So I’d pretty much be working out 1h to an hour and 15mins, 4-5x a week. When I started weight training 16years ago, this was perfect to start adding muscle while defining my body (even though at that time my cardio time was 20mins to begin with). But After 15 years, I kinda got bored with this way of training and wasn’t seeing any added results when I actually wanted to get ripped a little more. So I did some more research and found all these amazing articles from fitness experts all over the world about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), short but intense workout plans, Tabata training, CroFit, etc. These ways of working out took over for me and right now, it’s all I do. I never ever do any long cardio anymore. Even when I go for a run, I sprint in between, stop for 50 push ups or squats, jog a minute and sprint again.


Here’s an example of such a workout:

warm up about 5-10 mins, the easiest is to jog. Once you feel warmed up, start stretching your muscles, without going to deep. do some active stretches, so you stretch and wake up the muscle at the same time. Do armswings (backward and forward), legswings (fwd/bckw and sideways) , fwd and slight bckw bends.

Then start your workout:

sprint 30 sec. (sprinting means: your max speed or what you can take as speed on a treadmill and do it for 40sec)

20 squats

sprint 30 sec.

20 push ups

sprint 30 sec.

20 squatjumps

Repeat 3 times.

Short but oh-so sweet…

So, my point is: If you are pressed for time and/or do not have any equipment at home, there is NO reason WHATSOEVER, that you cannot go out there and train your ass off. All you need is willpower and the drive to make the change you want to make.



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