Last weekend, the 6th of December, was Sinterklaas here in Belgium, which is a non-official but very traditional holiday, where kids receive presents from a good old man who rides a beautiful white horse over roofs to drop presents in the chimney. It’s kind of like Santa Claus, just better (at least here in Belgium!).

Anyway. It’s a holiday where not only toys take central stage, but also marsipan, chocolate (in all forms and sizes and flavors and figurines) , a mix of both ánd speculoos take centre stage. Very hard not to touch when you are a chocolate addict and love sweet flavors!

The 6th was on a Saturday, and I have a full morning schedule with clients on Saturdays. But since it was Sinterklaas, I wanted to ‘treat’ my brave and motivated clients to something good, sweet, and nice. But also to something healthy! I mean, what’s the point of them coming to sweat their butts off if I’m going to hand them chocolate and sugary stuff?? Not ok.

So, I decided to get up extra early, so I could give them a very Belgian treat, but with a healthy twist: protein apple-cinnamon waffles. They were delicious! I made a large batch, the recipe below yields 8 waffles and I had 3 for breakfast, leaving 5 to give one each to my clients. You might think: really?? 3 waffles for breakfast?? Yes! Because they are so light and fluffy, typical for Brussels Belgian waffles, PLUS they only are only 125 kcal per waffle, loaded with protein, healthy carbs and fats and no added artificial sugar!

Protein apple-cinnamon waffles

One of my clients started tasting the waffle as she came in, and by the time she left, she had eaten it! 🙂 Later that day, I received texts from the other clients, thanking me and telling me the waffles were delicious and asking me for the recipe. So here it is.

Protein Apple-Cinnamon waffles

ingredients for 8 waffles (feel free to adapt to the amount you want):

100grams oatbran (or oatflour) (haverzemelen):   390 kcal   11g fat   59gr carbs (0 sugar)   17gr protein

1 large apple (I used pink lady):   109 kcal     0gr fat     29gr carbs   (22gr sugar)    0.6gr protein

1 whole egg:      81 kcal      5gr fat     0gr carbs (0gr sugar)     6gr protein

4 eggwhites:     80 kcal    0gr fat      0gr carbs (0 sugar)     20gr protein

2 scoops protein powder, I used Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl, but you can use plain or vanilla flavored protein powder as well. If you don’t have any protein powder, add 5-6 tbsp of almond powder as a substitution, it’ll add extra flavor and texture.

for the protein powder:   260 kcal    3gr fat      6gr carbs (2gr sugar)    50gr protein.

150gr Fage 0% greek yoghurt:    86 kcal   0gr fat     6gr carbs (6gr sugar)   15.5gr protein

(you can use regular or low-fat yoghurt, but it will increase the calories and fat content)


Throw everything in the blender (start with liquids, as eggs) and blend it all together (make sure to chop the apple in smaller pieces…), add stevia and cinnamon to taste.

When everything is all blended, add some sparkling water; it adds fluffiness to the batter, making your waffles lighter! Don’t blend after doing this, just fold it in with a spatula until it is evenly distributed over the batter.

Heat up your waffle iron, spray some baking spray on, or oil with some butter or vegetable oil. And add the necessary amount to fill your iron, make sure to flip the iron immediately after closing it, so the batter covers to the bottom and the top!

The total number of calories for this batch is: 1006kcal, 19gr fat, 100gr carbs (30gr sugar), 109gr protein. If you make 8 waffles like I did, that gives you per waffle: around 125 kcal, 2gr fat, 12.5gr carbs (3.75 gr sugar), 13.5 gr protein. Note that the fats are healthy fats coming from the yolk and oatbran only, and that the sugar content is mainly from the fructose in the apple, so natural sweetness!

Voilà! You can eat them as is, or serve them with some fresh cut fruit, pancake syrup, etc…

Enjoy 🙂


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