At BodySuit Training, I like to bring fitness in a holistic way, combining cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, healthy food choices and stress management if needed. I want to offer safe training sessions with the right exercise progressions and teach you how to control and use your body within its limitations and possibilities. I’ll always have your specific fitness and exercise goals in mind, and will try to vary your workouts, so they remain challenging, exciting and fun.

If your specific physical situation requires special follow-up, I will make sure to get in contact with the doctor, osteopath, exercise physiologist, or other medical professional who is following your case. I know my limitations and am not afraid to ask the right professionals for advice or information; I will even refer you back to your doctor if this seems appropriate.

My ultimate goal is to motivate and stimulate you, so you can stay active throughout your life and use your body wisely. Either you keep coming back with a smile, always eager to get another challenge, or you are motivated and informed enough to keep training on your own!