Who am I?


I’m the daughter of Wilfried Geeroms, Belgian hurdle specialist, 11-time Belgian Champion in that discipline and finalist on the 400m hurdles at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo; and of Michèle Attenberger, former athlete and physical education teacher. Needless to say, my brother and I were surrounded by sports, exercise and health from an early age on.

“That didn’t stop me from choosing a totally different path in my studies. After completing my Master’s in ‘Communication Sciences’ and another one in ‘European Politics, Cultures and Societies’, I eagerly moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to get an additional Journalism Certificate at UCLA. While living in California, my passion for fitness and health grew and I soon became a certified nutritional counselor and personal trainer and started working at 24-HR Fitness.”

I came back to Belgium unexpectedly in 1998 because of my dad’s bad health, and found my way back into the fitness world quickly.

“I was working for an advertising agency for a couple of years, when I realised I didn’t feel any fulfilment anymore in doing my job. I thought it was dispensable to help companies make more money and wanted to do something more meaningful. 

So by 2001, I was once again professionally active in the fitness industry. I first invested my time and efforts in my ex-partner’s business; Since 2008 I have been running BodySuit Training. A hobby became a passion; A passion turned out to be a fulfilling profession I share with my clients!

“At least now I feel like I make a difference. I mean something to the people I train. Athletes perform better when they train with me and adopt my nutrition tips; Young moms feel better with my training and guidance; Older people have more balance, strength and have an overall better feeling. My job is not only how I earn my living, my job offers other people a new life. 

Vicky Geeroms is  a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer, Apex Fitness Professional, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer; educations and certificates she followed and earned in the United States. She keeps her knowledge up to date by attending conventions, lectures and by earning the necessary credits to keep her certificate valid.

vicky-abs Vicky started as an Apex Fitness Professional at 24HR-Fitness, where she helped people adopt healthy eating habits to positively influence their body composition. She continued doing so in Belgium, where she also assisted topathletes, such as the late Frank Vandenbroucke (cyclist), Emile Mpenza (soccer player), Kevin Vanderperren (ice skater), Katleen De Caluwé and Frauke Penen (both part of the Belgian female 4×100 team), Iris Van Hecke (member of the female Belgian field hockey team), …

She also helps everyday people get the results they are looking for.