Fitness Training

The most obvious reason to work with a personal trainer is to know what to do to gain muscle and burn bodyfat. Not everyone has the same goals though. Women do not have the same desires men do when it comes to working out and training sessions at BodySuit Training reflect these differences. While working through your sessions, I will keep in mind your goals: whether it is losing fat or gaining muscle, strength training will always be on the agenda, but in different forms so you can reach your target. I will teach you the correct exercises for certain muscles, proper posture and execution, you will learn about your body and how it functions as your sessions progress. Results are the natural outcome of this learning process!

Apart from strength training, core training is also a major part of training sessions at BodySuit. Your core is the centre of your body, where all your strength and balance comes from. A strong core prevents injuries and helps you move better during your daily activities. It improves your posture and diminishes problems caused by a seated job.

“Many of my clients come to me with complaints of back pain; within weeks after their first session, the pain symptoms subside because of a stronger core, better posture and awareness of which muscles to use when doing everyday movements. At the same time, these clients change their bodies by increasing their muscle strength and burning body-fat. An accountant with back and neck problems feels better and has less pain because of exercising the right muscles; a 70-year-old man who rides his horse everyday, feels less back pain and is much stronger since training twice a week; a 65-year-old woman improves her bone-density and diminishes her risk for osteoporoses since her weekly workouts…”