Sports Performance Training

Whatever your sport, a strong body will benefit that sport.

Soccer players function better when their legs are strong enough to deal with torsions and twists during quick movements; they also need to be able to move quickly while moving on with the ball.

Figure-skaters need to have a strong core, powerful legs and arms, while maintaining full flexibility to be able to do graceful moves.

Cyclists and mountainbikers don’t just need strong quadriceps to pedal forward; they need equally strong hamstrings, a strong core and shoulders to maintain proper positioning on the bike.

Swimmers need symmetry in their musculature so their movements are equal left and right; they need to be “light” and fast enough to float on the water, but at the same time strong enough to move their body forward.

Together, we will pin-point your weaknesses and strengths to help you improve your performance in your sport!


“I have recently helped a young swimmer get into the Vlaamse Topsportschool with weekly training sessions to improve hip flexibility for butterfly stroke and strengthen the  torso for crawl and breast stroke.  Belgian Champion figure-skater Kevin Vanderperren has also trusted me to improve his core strength and flexibility with Pilates movements and stretching sessions. Right now, a young talented soccer player is getting much stronger on the pitch because of the core training exercises he’s doing with me.”