Nutritional Guidance

Even though proper exercise plays an important part in being healthy and fit, the influence of an adapted nutritional program cannot be underestimated.

Whatever you do in your workout sessions can be blown away by the bad choices you make at the dinner table. Throughout your sessions, I will give you tips and guidelines on how to adjust your eating. I might ask you to write down when and what you eat, so we can go over your current eating habits and check which changes need to be made. If necessary and desired, a complete healthy eating plan can be made up, with a menu according to your caloric needs, food preferences and life-style.

You will learn how to pair different foods, how to get the most energy out of your meals and how to spread your calories during the day so you can boost your metabolism. Within days, the proposed adjustments will make you feel energized, less bloated and whether your aim is weight-loss or weight-gain, I guarantee you will see results!

“Whether you choose to just do some small adaptations to your eating habits, or want to go the whole way and work with a personalized meal plan, I’ll motivate you until you get what you want! In the past 14 years, I’ve helped athletes in different disciplines improve performance by changing their eating habits, I’ve helped a soccer player gain 5kgs of pure muscle so he can feel stronger on the pitch. Apart from sportsmen and –women, I’ve also worked with everyday people to help them lose weight and change their body composition: with the right guidance, motivation and follow-up, anything is possible!”