Anouk Doore

Anouk is a ‘long-lost’ client of BodySuit Training who has recently joined our team of trainers. Having a passion for fitness and sports, she started training with us to improve her running and trailrunning skills. She obviously improved tremendlously, because she has been successfully taking part in some international trailruns and ski-alpinism.

Her passion for sports and fitness has pushed her to get NASM (National Academy of Sports Medecine)  certified as a physical and personal trainer, a profession she enjoys so much she is slowly but surely making a career switch to make her hobby and her passion her full-time profession.

These paanouk%20fotost years, she has mostly been active doing trailruns, skiing and climbing. She has a certificate at the Austrian skischool, where she’s been active as a ski-instructor, and also took part in Natural Posture Running clinics.

Her participation in ski-alpinism races has not gone by unnoticed: She came in 5th in ‘La Grande Course (criterium hardest international ski-alpinism race over 2 yrs), was the 6th women’s team in the ‘Trophée des Gastlosen’, is a two-time Belgian Champion ski mountaineering and was invited in the ‘Zevende Dag’ to promote ski-alpinism.

As a personal trainer, I strongly believe in a ‘mind-body’ connection. Oftentimes it is the mind that seems to be the main player to a healthy body.  But moving, exercise, sports and general wellbeing are just as important to optimize proper brain functioning. I want to make people aware of what they can achieve in their lives in general, just by being healthier, by moving more and better. I want to give people a “boost”, both in a physical and mental way!’