Yves Huysegoms

In March 2014, Yves Huysegoms  joined BodySuit Training’s team to help take on our client expansion! Yves is a welcome professional addition and has already proven to be on top of his training skills.

His background in sports comes from tennis; he’s an initiator tenniscoach, leading two tennis schools in Edegem en Londerzeel, together with his brother.

“I’ve always been passionate about sports and training for particular sports. Tennis was a         logical choice because both my brother and I started when we were kids.”

Ironically, it’s a recurring knee injury that got Yves interested in personal training around 2002.

“My passion for training came after I started training for post-rehab in 2002 with Vicky and her training partner at the time. I realized that tennis, and any sport for that matter, is more than just a technical aspect. If you don’t pay attention to the body as a functional tool as a whole, injuries are bound to come back. Training to rehabilitate my injury was different than what I had ever done.  It made me realize how much I liked the sports specific aspect of personal training at this level, the insight of injury prevention, as well as the stabilizing function a strong trained body can have. ”

From then on, personal training has become Yves’ job and passion. He has over 10 years of training experience at clients’ homes, designing personalized training programs, with different accents for different people. His skills include post-rehab, weightloss, sports specific training programs and strength training.

Yves Huysegoms is a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has followed many workshops to perfect his skills, including sports specific training courses, TRX workshops and Kettlebell courses. He has participated in courses by the Gray Institute for knee and shoulder injury prevention and has worked together with Lieven Maesschalk to follow up on post-rehad of clients. He’s currently studying to be an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.