“One-on-One” PT

The most exclusive way to work with me is to have “one-on-one” training sessions, during which I work just for and with you. During these sessions, I’ll help you through a training program based solely on your needs and goals, I only have eyes for you, and correct your movements, posture and exercise execution. This type of training is the preferred mode for post-rehabilitation and sports performance training.


Partner Training

If you need motivation to come to your training sessions, you can always train together with a friend, spouse, sibling, parent, child, etc… who can give you that extra push to make it to your workouts! Many people choose this type of training to lower session costs and to spend some fun quality-time together while working out! Sessions are still very personal with adapted exercises to your goal and needs, but I will also incorporate challenging ‘partner-exercises’ so you can motivate and challenge eachother!


Small Group Training

The BodySuit Training Studio can accept up to 5 people at a time for small group training sessions. Obviously, my attention is divided over the number of people in the group, but personal attention, correction and adaptation of different exercises are still key aspects of these type of training sessions. Train together with your friends or workout with your family, you will still get the results you’re looking for!

Small Group Training is not advised for clients with special needs or for post-rehabilitation