Are you a “One-size-fits-all” or “Custom-made” type of person?

You’ve been to the gym, done the exercises on the fitness machines that everyone else is doing, taken the classes where everyone is doing the same exercise, the exact same way, with the exact same weight.
Sure, this ready-to-wear style of fitness is widely available, easily accessible and probably even fun to do.
But is it effective?

Have you never wondered how come the big guy to your left and the skinny girl on your right are lifting the same weight as you are?

Are you sure these abdominal exercises you are doing are the right ones with that “bad” back of yours?

Are you actually performing the exercises you are told to do in the correct manner?

If you are ready to lift your training to a different level, away from this mass-market approach of fitness, you need to switch aisles and drop the “one-size-fits-all ” style of training for something more fancy. “Custom-made” training is what you are looking for: training that is designed to meet YOUR needs and goals; training that suits YOUR body.