What clients say about me

I turned 40 and lacked energy, felt restless and wasn’t happy with the image in the mirror. I turned 40 and felt it was time to take my life in my own hands! I had already bought a loadful of fitness memberships which I never used; I had had many healthy and sportive intentions which I never brought into practice.

Starting day 1, Vicky made it clear to me I could reach my goals, and that I could push my physical boundaries.
I’m 42 now, and feel fit, energetic and push my boundaries week after week with the same enthousiasm as I did on day 1.

Thank you Vicky, for making me a young forty-something, ready for many challenges to come…

M.O., Wemmel

I like training with Vicky because we are constantly doing new things, she challenges us time after time. I also appreciate the fact of having partner-training sessions, which adds a certain dynamic. Thank you Vicky for guiding and motivating us, training with you is very fulfilling!

Y.M. uit Wemmel


My Doctor, Wilfried Staessens advised me to go see Vicky after I had been struggling with a recurring back injury. I thought I’d never be able to cycle again, but after 4-5 sessions (and at-home exercises especially designed for me) Vicky helped me back on the bike! Train with the right guidance while enjoying your own music!

Lars De Niel – mountainbiker



I started a few years ago. What I appreciate the most, is that you give me exercises to do at home, without having to invest in machines or equipment. I exercise a lot on my own but like to come back to you regularly so you can correct me and inspire me with new exercises. I enjoy my training sessions with you because of the personal contact and the constant motivation. Even though I know what I need to do, I find it helps to keep coming back.

R.W., Meise

My name is Seppe Roekens, I’m 23 and have been fitness training since I was 16. I found it was difficult to gain muscle mass and so I decided to ask for Vicky’s advice. I soon realized she knew what my goals were and showed me where I was going wrong. She designed a personalized sportsdiet. During my sessions I received a lot of tips on how to perform certain exercises correctly. When it was hard for me to stay focused on my diet, Vicky helped me to stay motivated. I saw results both in daily life as in my sport: I had more energy and felt fitter. Within 5 months, I gained 4.5kg muscle mass, going from 69 kg to 73.5 kg. I was very happy with my results, which is why I still ask Vicky for advice when I need it.

Seppe Roekens, 23, soccer player


I contacted Vicky a few years ago concerning rehabilitation of my shoulder. I immediately felt enthousiastic about the professional approach! I felt my whole body benefitted from the training sessions, and so I kept on going. During our training sessions, we work on my general condition, as well as my ‘weak’ spots. The exercises we do are always precise and varied. I have improved physically and feel stronger than before. I keep looking forward to my weekly session!

Kathleen W., 50



When I started training with Vicky, I hadn’t done any sports in over 15 years. After two and a half years of weekly training sessions with a very personal approach, I feel better and mentally stronger. The small corrections and tweaks Vicky makes you do while performing the exercises are amazing and make your workouts efficient

Her personal approach, variation and flexibility make her concept unique. I highly recommend her.


Patricia L. from Meise

“It’s been two years now, since the three of us started going on weekly training sessions. We couldn’t have imagined a training session being so personal, even with three people. Depending on our mood, physical condition, health or minor setbacks, we get varying personalized weekly training sessions so we can keep progressing and seeing results. At the end of our session, we are tired but satisfied and look forward (sometimes with tight muscles!) to our next session!

Els, Marian & Sabine